• Sophie Michals

    Sophie Michals

    Writer and editor for brainy, image-conscious subject matter experts | people-oriented cities advocate | karateka | smedits.com

  • Eva Palacio

    Eva Palacio

  • Gerardo Hernandez, CHI™

    Gerardo Hernandez, CHI™

    Certified Healthcare Interpreter (Eng/Spa) | Chicago

  • Ana In Languages

    Ana In Languages

    I write translations with a language that anyone can easily understand. I compose texts so your company catches the right attention.

  • Julija Savić

    Julija Savić

    Content Kid at Zingword. Freelance translator. Poet. Enjoys long walks to the coffee shop and things with words in them.

  • Lucy Christmas

    Lucy Christmas

    Translator-editor-writer living in Barcelona.

  • Roxana Versace

    Roxana Versace

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